As a long-standing client of Crivelli, Barbari, & DeRose we can confidently attest to their exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment. Over the years, they have consistently delivered outstanding legal support, ensuring the best interests of our local are not only protected but elevated. Their dedication, strategic insights, and tireless advocacy truly set them among the very best in the field. We are grateful for the invaluable partnership and highly recommend their services.

PBA Local #286A

As I reflect on the wonderful relationship we have built with the team at Crivelli, Barbati & DeRose over the years I recognize that their dedication, support, and genuine care for us is truly priceless. It’s not often that you find a group of professionals who go above and beyond in both their work and their personal connections with clients. We are so fortunate to have them by our side, guiding us through both the highs and lows. Here’s to many more years of collaboration, friendship, and shared successes. Thank you, Crivelli, Barbati & DeRose, for everything you do for us.

PBA Local #105

Frank Crivelli has been representing our Local for several years now. We are very impressed with every facet of Frank’s expertise: from contract negotiations to grievance arbitration to disciplinary matters, Frank has truly raised the bar. Frank’s in-depth knowledge of labor law and his steadfast determination to serve our Local has paid off for our members. I would highly recommend Frank to represent any Local PBA, their members and their interests.

PBA Local #73

Crivelli, Barbati & DeRose are second to none when dealing with contract negotiations,  grievances and labor laws. Our PBA has utilized them in all aspects and we continue to do so. Their professionalism and years of experience and knowledge are what stands out the most amongst others. To look past the business part, they’re a great group of men and I also have the privilege and honor to call them friends.

PBA Local #249

Four years ago, our local made the decision to choose the law firm of Crivelli, Barbati, and Derose LLC to represent us. They have exceeded our expectations when it comes to representation and support. We are a smaller union and whether it has been showing up to represent officers after a critical incident, or representing us in contract negotiations, Frank has been there to answer the call every time. I highly recommended Frank and his partners to anyone looking for professional and strong representation.

PBA Local #97

NJPBA LOCAL 105 have had the privilege of working closely with Crivelli, Barbati, & Derose LLC as our union lawyer, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the level of dedication and expertise they bring to the table. Frank Crivelli, Don Barbati, and Mike Derose have been an indispensable asset to our organization, providing invaluable legal guidance and representation in navigating the complexities of labor law and union matters. Their deep understanding of labor regulations and commitment to protecting the rights and interests of our union members have been truly commendable. Crivelli, Barbati, & Derose LLC consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our organization is well-informed, supported, and legally protected. We wholeheartedly recommend to any union or organization in need of steadfast legal advocacy. Their unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for their clients makes them a trusted ally in the pursuit of justice and fairness.

Executive Vice President
PBA Local #105

Seven years ago I took over the Presidents position of my local PBA. At the time our current Union attorney was sufficient for our needs, but I felt as though he was lacking in helping create an enjoyable work environment for our members. When I learned of the Crivelli, Barbati, Derose Law Firm, I was impressed with their first appearance. I did a little digging into references and received nothing but stellar reviews. Shortly there after our Union took the dive and partnered with them. Over the years now, we have done it all, from settling the best contract our Union has ever received, to some very unique and challenging cases. Crivelli, Barbati, and DeRose have always come through. I have since recommended their firm to other locals, who have the same recommendations that we do, use them! Their firm is more then just attorneys, in addition to their wealth of knowledge in labor law and relations, they are phenomenal guides on exactly how to navigate those difficult situations that our members sometimes find themselves in, something not every attorney can provide. Their office is about as well rounded as you can ask for. One thing I can promise, you won’t be disappointed in the services you receive, our entire Union feels this way.

PBA Local #355

Frank Crivelli is the epitome of excellence. He embodies the true essence of what it means to be a trusted legal advisor, always just a phone call away to offer guidance and support. His dedication and expertise shine through in every interaction, whether it’s a quick query about procedures or navigating complex contract negotiations worth millions.

Not only does Crivelli possess an unparalleled understanding of contract law and union rights, but he also has a remarkable ability to convey the intricacies of business strategy. It is thanks to his skillful negotiation tactics that our union was able to secure the most lucrative contract in the history of our department.
In a world filled with uncertainty, Frank Crivelli stands out as a beacon of reliability and proficiency. His commitment to his clients is unwavering, and his determination to achieve favorable outcomes is truly inspiring. Without a doubt, Frank Crivelli is the real deal – a true master of his craft.

President and Vice President
PBA Local 18A

I first learned of Mr. Crivelli in 2019 when I attended my first NJSPBA Collective Bargaining Seminar. At that time, I was not yet on my local e-board, and I was only a member of the contract committee. When listening to Mr. Crivelli’s block of instruction, I was captivated. I remember turning to a buddy seated next to me and saying, “If/when I’m the president or delegate of my local, I’m switching counsel and hiring this guy (Frank Crivelli).” Fast forward to 2021 – I am now the delegate of my local attending the PBA Convention in San Diego, and I made it a point to seek and vet out Mr. Crivelli. He and I spoke for some time at the cocktail party. He answered all my questions candidly –I appreciated his candor. If he didn’t agree with my take on an issue, he said so and explained why – he is pragmatic in that sense – and I appreciated the honesty. Good counsel means being told what you may not want to hear. I explained to Mr. Crivelli that my local could never reach our current counsel on the telephone and we dealt more with the associate. Mr. Crivelli was unequivocal when he stated, “You hire me, you get me. If I am unavailable, or the issue is out of my lane, then you will only EVER speak to one of the partners.”

After San Diego, my local hired Mr. Crivelli immediately, and we haven’t regretted it. In late 2021 or early 2022, my local entered negotiations free of any Chapter 78 restrictions. We explained our needs to Mr. Crivelli, who drafted a comprehensive proposal. During those negotiations, which took almost a year, Mr. Crivelli was always available to us – evenings, early mornings, you name it. I can count on both hands the 5:00 AM email replies from him. He prepared dozens of salary guide cost-outs and attended several direct negotiation sessions. He was all in from Jump Street. Let’s face it: as cops, our lane is catching bad guys. Mr. Crivelli’s guidance in navigating the complex waters of cost outs, potential 2% caps, budgets, etc., allowed my local to get the best contract it had ever seen. When it was signed, my local got numerous phone calls from other locals asking how we accomplished what we did. And I said to each one, “It started when we hired Frank Crivelli.” If I say nothing else about Frank, he is a gentleman who knows good whiskey, and his bourbon/rye recommendations are staples on my bar! Cheers, Frank – thank you for everything.

Past State Delegate
PBA Local #327

In 2007, we had a drastic change in our entire executive board through a combination of retirements and members just deciding they didn’t want to run anymore. I remember meeting with our new local President and Vice President as we compiled a list of tasks we had to accomplish, and at the top of that list was hiring a new attorney for our local. The first attorney we met with was Frank Crivelli. Frank presented himself in a way that our conversations just seemed to flow and the four of us were instantly friends. At the conclusion of the meeting, once Frank left, we sat privately and discussed how we thought it went and immediately decided to cancel all the other interviews.

Frank’s professionalism, character, and integrity instantly shined through and we immediately brought him into our next general membership meeting to introduce him to our members. Our working relationship has only flourished from there, especially as we were introduced to Donald Barbati and Michael DeRose.

Whether it was working through grievances or disputes, preparing for contract negotiations, or just general labor conversations, The Crivelli, Barbati, & DeRose Team has always represented us professionally and without fail. In today’s climate and with everything that local executive boards have going on, it is a great feeling to know we have someone who is so readily available and always has our best interest at heart. More importantly, at a time where everyone seems to make law enforcement the enemy, it is a great sense of security for not only our members, but for their families too, knowing they have this great team fighting for our rights and protections.

The Crivelli, Barbati, DeRose team has also partnered with us in giving back to the community through various charity events. They are one of our main sponsors for the Garden State Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) Annual Golf outing which is aimed at helping the families of fallen police officers. Without their generosity and support the event would not be such as success.

As I look back, it is eye-opening just how long we have been working together, and also how fast time goes by. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Frank, Don, and Mike and the work they have done for us throughout the past 17 years, and look forward to our next accomplishments and memories in the years to come.

State Delegate
PBA Local #187

A a 23-year veteran of the NJDOC and current Vice President of PBA local 105, I would like to give Frank Crivelli and his legal team at Crivelli, Barbati & DeRose, L.LC. a special thanks. Their dedication to our Executive board and members has proven to be a great asset to local 105. We are proud that Frank and his legal team are part of our family of Law Enforcement Officers. I can truly say, they put forth a great effort for local 105 with their knowledge and professionalism. Each month, Frank or a legal specialist from the firm speaks to our members about the latest news regarding unfair labor practices, Legislation news, AG’s objectives, contracts and any PBA local 105 concerns. Frank and his team always make a special effort to open the floor to questions, comments or concerns at every meeting, which serves as a great source of information for our members.

During our recent contract negotiations, Frank and his team kept the Executive Board and members informed each step of the way and provided a detailed letter on our app from each meeting. The legal team’s hard work paid off, with the biggest contract in NJDOC history. The law firm’s reputation and experience played a major role in achieving our goal to reach negotiations in our favor.

With the changing world we live in, law enforcement officers are constantly under scrutiny, especially when it comes to use of force and the performance of our job duties. Use of force incidents have taken on new levels, with hefty penalties of workday suspensions, terminations and criminal prosecution of our members. Frank and his team have always been there for us with an open line of communication and willingness to always fight for our members and support our Executive board. Whether at Administrative level or court level, the firm is always prepared.

Over the last few years, I am glad to call Frank, Mike and Donnie of Crivelli, Barbati, De Rose my friends. Their time has been dedicated to our Executive board and members goes above and beyond a business relationship. I look forward to working with Frank and his legal team for years to come. Keep up the Great work!

Vice President
PBA Local #105